Our Services

Expansion Consultancy

Our Services follow a four step approach in order to provide a successful Market Entry. Ideally we are consulting our clients throughout the whole process, in order to avoid problems and allow for a successful start. During this process we cover four major fields.

  1. Understanding Clients and Plans
  2. Investigate Market
    1. Market Research
    2. Market Visit
  3. Setup. Start. Operate
    1. Company incorporation
    2. HR Services – Recruitment
    3. Location Search
    4. Financial Services
    5. Partnerships
  4. Expansion
    1. Management Training
    2. Consulting
    3. Seminars
1. Understanding Clients & Plans
2. Investigate Market
3. Setup. Start. Operate
4. Expansion
5. Success with XPANION

Expansion Counter-Crisis Management

Unfortunately do many expansion plans encounter problems at a certain level which need immediate action from third parties. Expansion Counter-Crisis Management is to systematically, quickly and constructively resolve an economic, legal and / or organizational emergency situation. This emergency situation can refer to individuals, companies or organizational structures of various sizes and kinds.
All crisis situations join the the fact that they are based always on multiple problems from different business areas, which must be looked at as a whole and can be solved by the respective specialists team.
A part of our service is to analyse the situation and initiate immediate counter-measures. The elimination of the crisis can range from a purely personal support to an actual control of the events on spot.
XPANION provides well-established crisis intervention teams, which can be deployed within a few hours, depending on the nature of the crisis.